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Rui en Sevilla

Atrapado en el Flamenco

Rui Delgado
External Services:
  • ruiroentgen@livejournal.com
  • r.delgado@mac.com
  • ruidelgado87

Rui Roentgen:

1. Rui Roentgen
2. 5'11" Leo;
3. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic
4. Studying in Spain

I'm Rui Roentgen and this is my livejournal. I consider myself ambitious, quiet, noble-hearted and toughtful. People describe me as an anxious, over-analizing person who always has something new to do or say. From time to time, I like to change from environment or way-of-living, without changing my beliefs and perspectives. Even though it's not good to do it all the times, I over-analyze people even before having a conversation with them. Sometimes I could be shallow if I'm not in the mood to open myself or I don't feel confident about the company. I hate rainy days, I'm a Real Madridista and I'm very afraid of not achieving success in life.

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